The Referral Agreement

After you’ve identified one or two potential REALTORS® for your friend, you need to get your referral commission agreement in writing prior to introducing your friend to the agent. Once you are a referral agent with RRS, you will just provide us information about the referral in a form that you can access from the bottom of this page. We will then email out the completed referral form for everyone’s e-signature. If your friend doesn’t want to wait until the form is signed before talking to the REALTOR® you’ve chosen, and you are willing to oblige them, then we recommend at a minimum that you do the following: if you don’t already have one, get an email from the REALTOR® stating in writing that they agree to the referral fee.

If you have identified more than one REALTOR® for your friend...

If your friend is interested in more than one of the REALTORS® that you’ve identified during your screening and interviewing process, then you will need to get written agreements from each agent they want to speak to. But be sure to make it clear when communicating with the REALTORS® that your friend is speaking to more than one agent and will make the final decision after interviewing them. If your friend is selling their home, this may mean that the prospective REALTORS® will each have to create a listing presentation. These agents should be told up front that they are going into a competitive situation because more often than not, when receiving a referral there are not other agents competing for that referral. 

The referral form below is only for current RRS agents.

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