A Florida Real Estate Referral Company

We offer great commission splits to Florida referral-only real estate agents and charge $0 fees!

What is a referral-only real estate agent?

 A referral agent is someone who has a real estate license and has chosen not to work directly with customers any longer. Instead, they refer people they know to another agent, and receive a percentage of the that agent’s commission after a transaction closes. 


To earn money in real estate you have to pay hefty REALTOR® dues.


To sell real estate in Florida, you must have a current, active real estate license, but joining the Board of REALTORS® in optional. However, most agents who are actively selling homes are REALTORS® so that they can have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Services) which is owned and operated by  REALTOR® associations.

If you have a Florida real estate license that is in “current, inactive” status…

We can activate your license today, at no cost! 

If you have a Florida real estate license that is in “current, active” status, but you no longer wish to sell real estate…

We can move your license to our brokerage today so that you will no longer have to pay REALTOR® dues.

If you have a Florida real estate license but are unsure of the status…

Go the DBPR license search page and enter your name.